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Unleashed on a psychedelic pilgrimage through California’s Central Coast wine country, destiny forces Wally to face Syrah, a vicious personal demon who taunts and pushes him through tangled vineyards of bloody vengeance and deadly despair.

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I’ll Always Stand With Them

Take a few seconds to look at the photograph that accompanies this column. Baby Anthony, a beautiful one-year-old American citizen, is a descendant of Mexican immigrants, one of countless innocent children upon whom we depend to guide us into the future. In “Blood Red Syrah,” I describe Mexican-American children just like him, wonderful, loving children […]

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Steve Corbett is a longtime journalist who won state and national awards as a newspaper columnist and radio talk show host. During the five years he lived and worked on California’s Central Coast, he covered the Michael Jackson trial for SKY News and worked briefly at a boutique winery. He lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania.