Post Thumbail

Bugout! A Novel Coronavirus Novel Ch. 122

Good morning, doctor.

It’s nice to meet you, William.

I feel a little weird with this live video therapy session.

It takes a little getting used to.

I feel bad I told my doctor at the VA I wasn’t going to continue treatment.

My colleague understands. We’re happy you called for an appointment.

I want to help you help me.

How do you think you’re doing?

I gave away all my guns.

Do you feel safe?

I do.

Do you enjoy meaning in your life?

I like my job. I believe my boss likes me. I’ve accepted a promotion.

That’s excellent, William.

I’m concerned about the COVID spreading. More people getting sick and dying. People don’t listen.

You’re listening, William. But, unless you really want to wear your mask, you don’t have to wear it for our talk.

William removed his mask.

The doctor offered gentle words of encouragement.

Feel better?


But not reckless risky.

I feel a little freer, William said.

Let’s breathe together for a moment, the doctor said.

They took slow deep breathes.

The doctor spoke first.

Do you want to hurt anybody, anymore?


Do you want to hurt yourself?


Do you want anything for yourself you don’t already have?


And that is?

My bird. Dillon flew away. I don’t know where he is.

Where could he be?

Knowing Dillon, he could be anywhere.

Like where?

He saw Atlantic City on TV the other night and went nuts when they showed greasy french fries.

So he went to the shore?

Looks like it.

He’ll be back, William. Dillon loves you.

And I love him.

Will you consider re-starting low doses of medication?

Will I still be William?

Who is the William you want to be?

The peaceful William.

Do you feel peaceful now?

Happy, too.

You’re more than halfway there.